Monday, April 14, 2008

This is a really fun website to play with. It is called You can design yourself and send cards to people online, or for a fee you can print cards, business cards, notepads etc. to send to friends as gifts (their picture of course). It is fun picking the face, hair, eyes, body, clothes, wardrobe, jewelry and accessories. You can have a purse, a dog or a husband like I picked. Meri, a friend of mine just started a jewelry business and a cinnamon roll business. I made her some business cards for each. It looked just like her. One she was wearing an apron and the other she was wearing lots of jewelry and a t shirt that said "I love jewelry". The website is totally fun! Check it out. Your daughters will have fun on it too!


mytimetoblossom said...
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last minute luxury resorts said...

Wow it looks just like you.
You look marvelous!!
I WISH I looked that good
Love You! Kyle

The Banners said...

Mother that looks exactly like you! Very cute! Dad on the other hand...since when did dad have red hair? Actually, since when did dad have hair at all? Haha. Dad's outfit is pretty cute :)