Saturday, November 1, 2008


My daughter Mindy had her baby on Halloween morning. They named him Jack, he was 8 lbs. 3 oz. She had a great experience with her new doctor, Dr. Christina Brass-Jones at the new Banner Baywood hospital. It went so smooth I highly recommend both.

I had so much fun being Sarah Palin for Halloween. I couln't believe how many people came up to me at a church party and wanted to talk about politics. I had a ball!


Jodi Hatfield said...

You look so perfecto!! I can't believe it.

colette hat said...

I'm so happy the baby's here and the delivery went well.

Your halloween costume was the BOMB I've told everyone how amazing you looked. You did finally take it off though, right? You do realize you aren't Sarah Pallin, right? JK!

wow mom said...

You look so much like her Carla! Two gorgeous babes! I love Sarah Palin and hate all the "dogging" she's received. I love having a true mom in politics and wish more women's voices could be heard and listened to--it would be a better world.