Friday, January 2, 2009

Matting with Wallpaper

My son in law Josh gave me this beautiful drawing of Thomas S. Monson. His brother Jake drew it. I had know idea Jake was such a fabulous artist. He does faux painting for a living. I think he may be missing his calling. He is a fabulous artist. Thanks Jake and Josh! (Check out the wallpaper matting)

I was at a wallpaper store trying to find some great paper for my retreat craft project. The scrapbook paper I bought worked but had to be pieced because it was too small. I told the lady what I was doing and she said that they give away their discontinued books for free. I love free:) I took home 5 books. I ended up using quite a few to re-mat different pictures in my house.

Here are some of the pages I tore out. I cut some in different sizes to use in place of scrapbook paper. The lady told me the paper is acid free. I haven't used it to know if the glue backing is a problem. My kids usually use my paper for school projects and posters before I get to them so they are going to have a hard time choosing now. I got some really cool paper!

Here are two more pictures that I covered the mats on.

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Jodi Hatfield said...

I can't believe how well that he did...and I love the girls pictures! I want to wallpaper a room so bad! They are so rich and gorgeous lately.