Friday, January 12, 2007

Dancing Lessons

I have been talking about taking dancing lessons for years. I kept thinking my husband and I could do them together. Well, it was never one of his goals. He doesn't like to dance. I thought I can either mope around because no one will take lessons with me or I can do it by myself. So last week I took action. I was frankly sick of talking and thinking about it. I drove myself down to Fred Astaire dance Studio and signed up for 5 classes. I went 2 times last week and it was really fun. I danced about 40 min. each time. It was physically and mentally stimulating. I came home and danced with my 11 and 12 year old girls. We had a ball. I am going to keep taking lessons. When I get better I hope I can teach my husband and girls.
This wasn’t a huge goal. It was just one of those things I thought would be fun to try. Is there anything you have been talking about doing? Are you waiting on others to do it? Do it on your own. Your enthusiasm might be contagious.

Here is my uncle and I dancing at my aunt's 50th wedding anniversary. See the lessons have already paid off!

Monday, January 1, 2007

My Mission Statement

Mission Statements evolve over time. What is nice about writing one is putting it up on your bathroom mirror and reading it each day. When you say these positive things and know where you are going, your day starts out better with clearer direction.

My Mission Statement
I savor each moment of my life as a positive, grateful, happy, wife, mother, homemaker and successful business woman and coach who delegates, serves and helps others rise to greatness.
I am a strong, spiritual, healthy, organized and an energetic whole person who is self disciplined, a goal getter, who has deep, meaningful and fun relationships with family, friends and colleagues.