Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Find What You're Passionate About

Finding what you're passionate about and having that in your life, is one of the keys to a happy life.  Each one of us are born with unique gifts and talents, things our unique selves are interested in and love.  When these things are a part of our lives we feel happy.  When we don't know what these things are and don't spend time in these key areas of interest, we can feel like something is missing.

For Example:  If one of the things you are passionate about is nature and the outdoors, and you spend most of your time in an inner city skyscraper, you may start feeling sad or at least not as vibrant and happy as you could be.  Once you identify that nature is one of your passions, then you can add pictures of nature all around you.  You can add live plants and even a small fountain where you can hear running water.

For one week pay attention to what makes you smile, touches you and excites you. You can always tell when someone is passionate about something, they become very energetic and excited when they talk to you about it. Watch yourself. When do you get animated? This is a huge clue. When you were 12 what did you like to do? What inspires you?
What part of the newspaper do you gravitate to? If you could only go to one section of a bookstore or library what section would it be?
What upsets you about the world, and you would change if you could? What are your natural talents? How do you want to make a difference in the world?

How to Find Your Passions

Step 1. Make a list of 10 things that would give your life joy, happiness, peace, passion, and fulfillment.

 Don’t look ahead.

 Take your time and think deeply.

 Close your eyes and picture your ideal life.

 What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? How do you feel?

Questions you might ask yourself:
1. What kind of family life would be your ideal?
2. What kind of atmosphere and home would you like to live in?
3. What would you like to spend your time doing?
4. Where would you like to visit and with whom?
5. What kind of income and job would you like?
6. What kind of people would you like to spend your time with?
7. What legacy would you like to leave?
8. What kind of service would you like to give to the world?

Examples that others have written:
1. Living in a beautiful home in which I feel completely at peace.
2. Working in a nurturing environment.
3. Enjoying perfect health with lots of energy, stamina and vitality.
4. Having fun in everything I do.
5. Spending lots of quality time with my family
6. Working with a supportive team of people who share my values.
7. Looking and feeling great.
8. Having knowledge, tools and wisdom to deal with experiences.
9. Working at what I love.
10. Giving back to the community.
11. I am in control of my thoughts and my life.

Remember, passions are how you live your life. Goals are things that you achieve.

Make your list.











Step 2. Compare the items on the list to identify which are the most important ones to you. Ignore the “score” line for now.

a. If you could have number 1 or number 2 which would you choose?

b. Continue comparing the one you choose with the next number on the list until you go through the entire list. Then write the one you chose as number one on the next page.
(For example, if you compared the first item on the list to the second, and you chose the second, then you would next compare the second item to the third. If you again chose the second item, then you’d compare the second item to the fourth and so on, always comparing your choice to the next item on the list.)

c. Start again, comparing each item, always keeping the one that’s more important. When you get to the end of the list, write the choice that remains as number two. Go through the list again and write the remaining item as number three and so on until you have identified your five most important elements.

d. A really important point to remember is that if you get stuck and can’t decide which item is more important, ask yourself, “If you could be number one and not number two, would you prefer that? Or, “If you could be number two and not number one, would you prefer that?”

Today’s Date _____

My Top 5 Passions Score

1.___________________________________ _______

2.___________________________________ _______

3.___________________________________ _______

4.___________________________________ _______

5.___________________________________ _______

Total Score _______

Now that you’ve identified your top 5 passions, let’s figure out how aligned your present life is with what you love.

Next to each of your passions, put a “10” if you currently are living this passion to the full extent you desire, or a “0” if you’re not living it at all.
If you aren’t yet a 10, but you’re on the way there, put a number between 0 and 10 that reflects how much you believe you’re living that passion.

As you score each passion, be honest with yourself. The purpose of this exercise is to help you align yourself with your passion.

As you score each passion, see how that score feels inside. Does it feel right? If you feel like it may be a little high, drop it by one and see how that feels. If it feels a little low, raise it by one and see how that feels. Keep adjusting until the number feels like it really reflects your life right now.

If you are truthful with yourself as you score your passions, you create the ground for creating what you really want in your life. Your score on each passion tells your subconscious mind how much attention that part of your life needs.

Okay, go back to your list and score your passions.

Now add up all five scores and multiply them by two.
(For example, if your five scores total 45, then your Passion Test score is ninety—45 x 2 –and you’re VERY close to living the life of your dreams, as you define it.)

You now have the information you need to begin making the changes in your life that will lead you to 100. Write these down in your journal or on your mirror and evaluate how much time you spend living a passionate life.

One of my passions is flowers. I am happy when I have them around me:)


Anonymous said...

Journeling is powerful. I appreciate the new ideas and possibilities for writing in my journal.

Amy said...

This was really well-written. I haven't done it but plan to.