Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is Coaching?

The coaching method I am trained in is from Alfred Alders Positive Psychology through Adler School of Professional Coaching. The coaching that I do is strength based. This means that we identify your strengths and build on them instead of working on your weaknesses. It is very effective, enjoyable, and a person can get faster and better results than going it alone.
Coaching is not counseling. Coaching looks to the future while counseling looks to the past. We find your values, strengths, purpose and passions. The coach is beside you as an equal partner, where as a counselor is placed higher as a person of authority with the answers.
Will Craig a mentor coach said this about coaching, “Personal coaching (or Life Coaching) might be most easily described as customized self help books and tapes, brought to life.
Coaching is the equivalent of attending a motivational seminar where the speaker only talks about you and how to make the most of your gifts and talents. Coaching creates an environment where you stay positive and charged up--not for a day or two--but week after week.”
I have read human development and self help books all my life and have listened to more than 1000 hours of seminars on these subjects. My husband of 26 years and I have 5 children and we have owned over 20 businesses. I bring all of these experiences and knowledge to my coaching. My newest business is Time to Blossom seminars, coaching and retreats.
If you are ready for a change, more balance, passion, or need help getting unstuck. Please email me for further details. carlajorgensen@gmail

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wow mom said...

Thank you for this look at coaching. It surely seems to be the wave of the future. I am a big believer in the benefits of coaching and look forward to learning more.

Jessica (from mom-in-law's computer)