Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 2009 Retreat

I just got finished with a retreat. I changed it from a women's retreat to a family retreat. It was MY family. My mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters came. We had a wonderful 5 days together in Scottsdale. My sister Amy put a few posts on her blog about the retreat so why reinvent the wheel right? Go to her blog and you can hear about some of the things we did.

I took everyone to Jodi's Blossom Salon for makeovers. Jodi cut my mother's hair really cute. She loves it!

Shari taught us a health class, took us on a field trip to a health food store and showed us all the glorious foods we could be eating. Shari's class was one of the highlights for my family. They are all going to try to eat less sugar and fat. Shari's demonstration is life changing. I wish everyone could see it. (We are going to do a day seminar in Sept. or Oct. so maybe she can show you then.)

Here is the email my sister Amy sent to me. No wonder it took me a few days to recover. Just the letter alone makes me tired. If you ever come to one of my retreats don't plan on laying around relaxing. I try to put in as much as possible in the time I have.

Dear Carla,

That retreat was one of the nicest things I have ever been to. On my way home I typed up all my notes "Goals" "To Do List" "Websites to check" "Things to put on my blog" "Things to Buy" plus pages and pages of journal. I had at the top of my to do list "Thank Carla".

The 3 guest speakers were great, very knowledgeable and enjoyable. Jodi made me look cute. The condos were beautiful and spacious. I'm so glad our brothers were able to be with us. Cheryl and Cindy were the happiest I've seen them in a long time. Everyone was fun to be around.

I loved your story of junkyard girl, and how you changed. That is a great example.

You thought of everything, so much food and snacks and crafts and lesson plans and books, exercise equipment, and on and on.
Just thinking of all the pounds of supplies you and your family had to carry from your home to the condos makes me tired.

I got an aquamarine ring from Mother, and although I hate to wear jewelry, I have been wearing the ring everyday, and every time it bugs me, I look at it and think it is so beautiful and say to myself "I am going to change. I am going to do the hard things because they are worth it." So my goal is to actually do the hard things that I haven't done: I hate to paint, so my walls are beige. I hate to put up curtains, so I live with the ones that came with the house, etc. I need to change all those things so I'm surrounded by the stuff I love instead of putting up with stuff I dislike.

I bought organic milk because I don't want Zac and Wayne drinking estrogen anymore. And I won't buy lunch meat with nitrates anymore. I have to go on that website and print out the most important vegetables and fruits to buy organic, and start doing that.

I bought the prettiest water glass because it was gorgeous and I wanted to drink my ice water from a gorgeous glass. I finished my strengths board, but need to print my photo then it will be done. I put words on it that arent' true yet but they will be: author, patternmaker, gardener.

I wore high heels to church on Sunday and to graduation instead of my flat sandals. I am going to buy some nice slacks and some new neutral pumps and a black pencil skirt to go with my vintage jacket. I have a whole new understanding of what it means to look nice.

I got a bowl and 20 buttons and yesterday I went up the stairs 20 times until I had dropped all the buttons in the bowl. I found a camping pad and sat on it and did 10 crunches and 10 girl push ups. I've got to look online and see if I can find a trampoline. You gave me good ideas.

You really provided us with new ideas, presented in a fun setting, and it really changed my life.


(Thanks Amy for such a nice letter!!!)

Here is one of the assignments I gave to the retreater before they came.

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The Wallin's said...

More, more! I want to see more pictures! I'm glad it was a success. Sounds like a wonderful time with your family!