Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wish You Were There!! Pictures from Nov. Seminar

Ladies called and emailed me saying first, "When is your next seminar?" and second they told me how they left feeling filled up again and ready to tackle life. I think a seminar is successful when the people leave having their mind expanded, their hearts touched, and soul fed. From the tears, the excitement and comments I really feel we accomplished that. If you are interested in hearing about our next seminar or the young women's conference (camp). Please send me a quick email to, subscribe to the blog or visit

Rosemary said about the seminar:
The experience with you and the other three wonderful ladies was awesome last Saturday! Thank you for letting me know about the opportunity for it truly enriched my life. As I shared with you and a few other people---I felt like my soul had been fed. It felt good.

Kimberley said:
I am so happy that I went today, what a wonderful day it was!! I would like to go again, how often do you have them? It really was a spiritual and uplifting day and so well put together. Carla you sure have a great talent with this and what you have done, I am so impressed.

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Amanda said...

Looks like a ton of fun. I really wish you were closer to Utah.