Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thanks for Making my Day!!

OK, I got home yesterday and found the most beautifully wrapped gift on my doorstep. It was white shiny paper tied with pink gingham ribbon. I was confused because it was not a holiday. I couldn't understand who would be leaving me a gift. I opened the card and it said this. "I was just thinking about you. Now you will be able to record all of your spiritual and inspirational thoughts. Love your friend. And no signature! Can you believe there are such nice people in the world? What a nice thing. I love the surprise and the unexpected part, but I also think it is soo sweet that someone would go to all the trouble of shopping for me and thinking about what I would like, picking out a pink leather journal and wrapping it so cute. I am blown away. The card was even adorable. It had a cherry with a crystal on it. If you are the one who bought me this beautiful gift. Thank You So Much!!!!!!!

This made me realized that I need to do more anonymous giving. It is such a happy thing to do. Gifts and notes make the giver feel good, and the receiver. How great is that? Thanks friend for making me feel so loved.

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wow mom said...

Carla, you uplift so many people with your blog alone. What a wonderful way to thank you for being you. You deserve it. I love your blog.

Wendy in Houston