Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wendy Soderman is an Amazing Crusader

I heard Wendy Soderman tell her story on the Bob Proctor Cruise last year. Her story helps people know that they can do anything, if they have enough passion.
Wendy faces her challenges head on and turns them into gifts for the world. If you are in the education profession in anyway, you have to read about the school she has created. I hope someday every child in the world has a chance to get an education this way. Her school is positive and beautiful, not only that, her students learn faster and gain a total education, as well as, self esteem.
Her schools blow public school education out of the water in every way, including test scores, and she is a hero in her community.
She got started when she couldn't find a preschool that would take her wheelchair bound son. Instead of giving up she started her own. She loved her school so much that when her son began to out grow the preschool she started an elementary school. She has a preschool, Ideal Elementary School and Dream Middle School.

Check out the pictures of her school. I wish an artist could come and paint every child's school this way.

About her schools


The Wallin's said...

I just watched her video, and what an amazing story. I want my lulu to go to her school! said...

It seems like so many schools today are too focused on creating high test scores instead of wonderful human beings. Multiple intelligence theory gives ALL children the chance to shine, not just those skilled at pencil paper tasks. Wendy's schools are a guiding light for education especially in the challenging times educatin is experiencing right now. How do we start a "franchise" of the Dream School here in the Valley of the Sun???