Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daring to Be Yourself

What do you think about the new blog design? I think Daphne at Parasol Designs did a great job. It is me to a T. I hope the women who aren't girly girls can still read my posts through all the pinky frou-frou (definition-Fussy, Ostentatious ornamentation) I am writing this blog as a way for others to get to know me and at the same time get to know myself.
I am in the business of coaching women to be their best. I feel that the more we get to know our true selves and live into it, the happier we can become.
Years ago I read a book, Daring to Be Yourself by Alexandra Stoddard. My eyes were opened to the choices we make everyday. What kind of pen do I write with? If someone were to see it, would they say, "Oh that must be Carla's pen it looks just like her?" When someone comes into my home does it show my personality or is it just what is in style right now? If you are someone like me that loves certain colors do you have them splashed here and there throughout your home or are you letting trends dictate the colors? After reading her book I decided that I would look inside myself and ask what is my style? What colors do I like? What kind of furniture, cars, food, designs, flowers etc. do I like? When I have to buy something like a pen, which one is the perfect "me" pen, not just any pen. When we start appreciating our unique likes and dislikes and start having things around us that reflect our uniqueness, we start feeling happier. When we can love ourselves for who we are, life becomes more full.
Too many women are chameleons. They wear what others wear, do their hair the same, decorate the same. No wonder so many women lose themselves and start wondering who they are. They are loosing themselves to the groups likes and dislikes. It is riskier to do your own thing, but by doing it, it helps you find and appreciate yourself more.
I know my blog is not very business like. If I were to go to other coaches blogs they would look VERY different than mine. My motto for myself is I've gotta be me. I have found joy in finding myself. I could look like other coaches with a business looking blog but then I wouldn't be practicing what I preach. I believe there is only one me and only one you. If I am not going to be me, then who will?


Allmykids123 said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I can always find something inspirational from your words. I love the new design, by the way. PINK POWER!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love your new blog design...It is really pretty and being who you are is the way to go.
We may have to wait till school starts again to to have our phone time! My house is chaos right now, good chaos, but chaos just the same! melinda

The Rogers said...

WOW! it turned out more beautiful than i could have imagined. i hope its all you wanted!