Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Westin in Scottsdale

My husband and I own LOTS of timeshares. We use them and we rent them. Last weekend someone only rented part of the week, so we took the kids to Scottsdale and hung out at the Westin. In my opinion timeshare renting is the only way to go when you are traveling with the family. In general the timeshares we rent have 3 rooms. One king bedroom, one queen bed and hideabed bedroom, and a large family room with hideabed, dining, kitchen and washer and dryer. We mainly deal in Marriotts. They are very clean, upscale 5* resorts with all the fitness rooms, pools etc. with activities for the kids. By renting timeshares you can stay at nicer places, with more room, for less money. The best part is a private bedroom without kids in it.

Enjoying a hammack under the trees by the pool. I LOVE hammocks.

Here is one of the bedrooms

Bath with separate tub and shower.

Family room

Kitchen and dining area.
Check back later because the prices right now are the highest of the year.

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The Fearless Blog said...

I have always shied away from timeshares but after reading your piece...my gosh you are a good salesperson.