Friday, October 3, 2008

Forever Strong

Forever Strong, is an inspiring movie worth supporting. I for one have a hard time giving Hollywood my money just to watch religious bigotry and no moral values portrayed on the screen. This movie shows accountability for bad choices, character, high values, forgiveness, and taking a higher road. It doesn't have bad language and has a very good message especially for teenagers. (Don't drink and drive, do , cheat on tests, and dishonor your family)
It is based on a true story of a coach that didn't want to just turn out good athletes, he wanted to turn out good human beings.
This movie opened in select cities last Friday. Hopefully people will support this good movie to send a message to Hollywood that we would like more movies like this one.

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wow mom said...

I totally agree. Can't wait to see this movie and support quality instead of trash from Hollywood! Thanks for the recommendation.