Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christmas Tip #6

Here is my theory on wrapping paper. Costco or Sam's club usually has wrapping paper that isn't all the way Christmas. It is usually silver, cream or gold. I buy the huge bolt of it, not the cheap rolls that wrap one gift each tube. I leave it in my gift wrapping area and use it year round for weddings or showers. I like the simplicity of one paper and not having to store Christmas paper year round in my storage room. This year I bought gold. It might not be as fun looking as all the different papers, but it does look uniform and classy. (I think.)
When I was young, I knew a lady who rewrapped all the gifts that came into her home with the wrapping paper she used for her gifts, so every gift under the tree matched. Believe me I don't care that much about uniformity . It is the simplicity that I am looking for.

I also use Christmas gift bags year after year. What I do is leave that gift in the bag that it came in and knot it closed. I then put it in a plastic grocery bag and tie it closed. It is almost impossible to untie those bags. This helps keep the gifts a secret. It is like a little padlock. I put tissue paper over, to cover the tackiness of a grocery bag so it looks nice. At my house if I put an item in a bag and just put a piece of tissue paper over it, my kids would peek.

Here is the damage I have done so far. I will put bows on them when I am ready to put them under the tree. I am already feeling in control of the Christmas season instead of it controlling me.
Good Luck with your preplanning.

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wow mom said...

I can't believe how much you get done and how many great ideas you have! Thanks for sharing.