Thursday, September 4, 2008

Naomi Judd

I enjoyed reading Naomi's Breakthrough Guide. Naomi Judd is such a sweet, unpretentious woman. After high school, life got really rough for her. This is page 24 of her book.
In that moment of truth in front of the mirror, I saw that I was more than a battered face; my life had a greater meaning than the choices I'd been making up to that point. I began to see that choices are sacred. God created us and gives us the opportunities to make choices. This means that we can become cocreators with God in deciding our future.
I didn't fully realize it then, but I've since come to understand that there is an invisible, spiritual world. As we make inspired, conscious choices, we're opening up to infinite possibilities.
There was another Mirror of Truth the night of my beating. Behind the front desk at the sheriff's station where I went to seek help was a two-way mirror. I could see only myself, but on the other side was an invisible source of help and support. I found this out only a few weeks later when I took Wynonna's Brownie troop on a field trip to the station.
So it is true with God. He is always there, invisible but all knowing and available for us to turn to.

This is now one of my favorite books. I highly recommend it!!!!!!

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Dani said...

naomi judd is totaly amazing. i own every one of her books. she is so talented in so many ways. i love reading her words. she is a great author. one of my favs