Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Family Tree

In my home growning up, on the wall was a family tree that had pictures of my ancestors on it. It was always interesting to look at these people, and see where some of my family traits came from. I always wanted a picture family tree of my own.
It turned out to be relatively easy to make using a scanner. The hard part of course was collecting the photos. I had to travel the country for some of these pictures. One is from a 99 year old women in a nursing home that I made a photo copy of her family picture. One is a picture of a photo that was hanging on someone's wall. I had to get creative. One of the real bonuses for me was when my husbands great aunt said we could have her originals. What a treasure! The family tree has yet to be framed because I am waiting to get one more picture that I was told is in a family history book.


The Wallin's said...

Wow, that's amazing. I didn't know you had to travel the country to collect these photos! Quite the detective.

The Rogers said...

I would appreciate some credit for the amazing genealogical accomplishment...:)

Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING & totally inspiring!!!