Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Want You to Meet my Retreat Team

Shari Lyon. She is a wellness coach and licensed massage therapist. She is passionate about her slogan of “live well, eat well, be well.” The only thing that makes her happier than living a natural health lifestyle is helping others make great changes in their lives so that they too can experience “wellness”!
She has completed many, many hours of natural health education, has earned a BS in holistic nutrition and is currently working on her MS in holistic nutrition. She has trained in EFT, Chinese cupping, reflexology, and aromatherapy. She has also completed the requirements as a certified natural health consultant.

Michele Baer is the mother of six, a singer, songwriter and inspirational speaker. She has released 2 CD's, "Never Give Up-Songs of Faith and Family", and "Out of the Dust." She is currently working on her third. She has a big heart and it comes through when you hear her messages of Hope for women. Michele is very involved in the community, serving as the State Director of Family Leader Network as well as producing numerous charity events. She received the American Mothers National vocal award in recognition of her ability to balance family, music and community service. Hear selections from

Dodie Blomberg, M.Ed, is a professional development coach with a passion for moving people towards a more positive outlook. Dodie is a Certified Positive Discipline Associate who supports and encourages teachers and parents to focus on children’s strengths and assets, thus promoting cooperation and solutions. She is dedicated to promoting respectful relationships in homes, schools, and communities. Dodie gets the opportunity to practice her positive relationship skills as a Junior Scout Leader, an AFAA certified fitness instructor, a children’s dodgeball coach, and especially as a wife and mother of two great children

I admire Allison Johnson's sophisticated and classic style. She helps others find their style, best looks and proportions. She is amazed at the transformation that happens to women on the inside by helping them with a few changes on the outside.
Allison has always loved clothes and what they can do for a person's self esteem. She believes we truly do reflect what's inside by how we present ourselves on the outside. We do that by what we wear. Every body can look fantastic. Every body-- not just the perfect size 4, Victoria's Secret body. Allison's passion is to help every woman find that beautiful diva inside and teach her how to look her absolute best by how she adorns her body.
Allison is a graduate of Brigham Young University, a flight attendant for 22 years, and is a professional Image Consultant.

Jodi Hatfield is the owner of Blossom Salon and Boutique on Main St. in Mesa. She is a creative genius and she is our designated fun maker. Jodi has a great eye for flattering hair styles and colors and has great taste in clothes and interior design. She completes our retreat team.


wow mom said...

What a lineup. Wish I could be there. Maybe in the future I can plan for one of your retreats? Sounds very uplifting and I know all who participate will leave better people.

colette hat said...

I'm excited for the retreat, for what I will learn but mostly for the fun we will have. I love girl trips!!