Friday, November 7, 2008

Women's Retreat

As most of you know I have been training to become a life coach for the past 2 years. I have learned and grown a lot since then. My passion is to help women find their passion and live their purpose. The best way I thought of to do this, is to put on retreats for women. I want women to be able to come to a retreat for a weekend and get their buckets filled. I want women to leave with new ideas, deeper friendships, more love for themselves, bigger dreams, be rejuvenated, and have the time of their lives.
To insure success I have put together a team of amazing women that are passionate about what they do and teach.
Michelle Baer
-Singer, Song Writer, and Inspirational Speaker
Dodie Blomberg
-Professional development coach, Positive Discipline Parent Trainer and Fitness Trainer
Jodi Hatfield
-Blossom Boutique and Salon Owner, Designated fun maker and creative genius
Allison Johnson
-Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and speaker.
Carla Jorgensen
-Success coach, President of Time to Blossom Coaching and Retreats, passionate about helping women discover their greatness.
Shari Lyon
-Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Trained in reflexology therapeutic massage, essential oils and much more. Her slogan is "live well, eat well, be well."

I was planning on doing my first retreat Jan 2009. But I was able to get some fabulous rooms at Marriott's Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge in Scottsdale for a great deal so I thought I would just go for it. I know it is a crazy time of year! The retreat dates are Dec. 18 10:00am to Dec. 20 9:00am.
This is a 3 night package. The retreat is 12/18-12/20 (scheduled activities), the third day 12/21 is included for those who choose to stay an extra day to relax at the resort or shop nearby. The 2 day retreat includes classes, food, fun, a life changing gift, and a more enriched life. The 3rd day is complimentary but includes no food or activities. If you want more info email me
You take care of everyone else all year long. Let us take care of you! If you can't justify treating yourself to such a fantastic event, give me your husbands email and I will tell him how much you deserve it. I'm sure he would appreciate a Christmas gift idea that you would love.


Sherri Jorgensen said...

That sounds like a great time. I am not sure when we get into Phoenix for Christmas. But I think we will miss it by a couple of days. Mark will be glad. He has never had all 4 kids by himself for a day. Let alone 3 days. Maybe I can catch your next one. But have fun! oh,you could email him and see, who knows maybe he will send me out early and bring the kids by himself. haha- (it is always worth a try)

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that I can't do this retreat. Maybe next time. I have a week long "residency" with a choreographer that week. Thanks for the info.
Beverly Kerr

Jim Auwen said...

I'm in! Oh wait, i'll need to be there to support Kyle with dinners and movies.

Never mind... Jim

My Time to Blossom said...

I know it would be the highlight of your entire life but there is only one problem... you are not a women. Too bad for you...women only!
Thanks for letting Meri go. She is going to come back a new woman. Hope you can handle it!

Wendy said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Talk about living your dream. I'm inspired!!!