Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My High School Friends

The picture to the left was taken in high school. Top to bottom, Lorna, Colette, Davina, and me.

This is Colette, Me, and Lisa on a high school ski trip.
We have been friends since we were 15. We have gone through the same stages in life together. For sanity sake, when our kids were little, we would meet every week at a park in the winter and a pizza place in the summer. (Seems backwards I know but I live in Arizona). As the kids got older we would meet for lunch once a week. We found that once a week was just what we needed to get advice, get things off our mind and catch up with each other. We also made sure we fit in one girl trip each year, usually to Calif. This was always the highlight of my year.
You all know that a vacation with the husband and the kids is really not much of a vacation for the mom. In fact, I just ran into a young mom of 5 and she said she just got home from a vacation. She said she needed a vacation from her vacation! I can relate. The reason girl trips are so great is that you are only responsible for getting yourself packed. The agenda is shopping, movies, out to eat and of course lots and lots of talking. If you have never been on a girl trip you should try it. We have even gone an hour away and got a $100.00 hotel room and split it 4 ways, so cost doesn't have to be an issue.

Here are my friends as they look today. Lisa, Colette, Lorna and Me. Do we look better now or with the Olivia Newton John headbands?


Jim Auwen said...

Hmmm...I didn't know they had color photography way back then, have those photos been retouched?

Jodi Hatfield said...


I'm so glad that I got to see those pics!! I love them! So I found your blog through Jamielyn that works for me. I will be sure to keep updated on the great ideas.. Thanks, JOdi

colette hat said...

Hey . . . I thought I would see what's new and found these crazy pictures. My life has always been filled with great friends. Thanks for the memories.