Saturday, August 2, 2008

Branson, Missouri-Silver Dollar City

I just got back from a family reunion in Branson, Missouri. It is kind of like Las Vegas for those of you who aren't familiar with it. There are magic shows, a circus, impersonators, variety shows. comedians, Spirit of the Dance etc. There are a lot of hillbilly type billboards on the way into town. It is middle America at it's best; clean shows and entertainment for families.
I grew up in Oklahoma and have been to Branson 4 times. We love it.

Just like Las Vegas the whole town is lit up and the buildings have themes.

My favorite part of Branson is going to their theme park, Silver Dollar City. It is similar to Knott's Berry Farm in California if you have been there.

It is very clean, pretty and has the best food of any Theme park I have been to. The other nice thing about the park is that there are mature shade trees all over the entire park. We were in the shade most of the day.
These flowers were all over the park.

Another bonus of Silver Dollar City is that inside you can go down into Marvel Cave. It is a wet limestone cave under the Ozark Mountains.

My mother, four of my 5 siblings and some of the kids met in Branson and had 4 days of fun together. When I told people where I was going I got blank stares. I don't know anybody that has ever been there. It is a shame that more people aren't familiar with the town. It has more things to do than you can do in a month and the people are great too:)

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Kathie Truitt said...

Silver Dollar is still my favorite place in the world. Even though I grew up in the Ozarks I still loved going there.