Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Homework Packets

I made 45 homework packets each at the beginning of the summer. My daughters still have one left. I thought I didn't make enough but the number worked out about right. Some summers are busier than others. Here they are working on the packets on the airplane. I have hopes that it keeps their mind in a learning mode.
At one time in my life I thought it would be fun to homeschool each child, one year each. I thought it would be a good time to bond and teach them all the things I love and believe.
I did a semester with my oldest. It wasn't what I had hoped. I did learn something from those months though. Instead of me teaching them during the school year, I decided I could teach them in the summer. The best of both worlds. This is how my homework packet idea started.
When the kids were little we would do gymnastics, piano, read and memorize poems. I taught them to read and memorize math facts. Two kids were doable. After 3 it got to be too time consuming for me so I created the packets.
I made packets appropriate for their ages. We could still read stories, do gymnastics, and learn songs together but they could do their packets alone.
I only have two kids left in school. Their summer routine is 15 min. piano, 15 min. packet, 15 min. cleaning job (clean anything they want in the house), and their bedroom and bath clean. When all of this is done they can do whatever they want the rest of the day. It sounds like a lot but it is only 1 out of 12 hours each day.

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