Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

A few years ago when these first came out, my sister Amy was so excited after using a magic eraser that she bought and mailed each of our sisters one. When I got it I started cleaning door handles, door jams, baseboards, scuff marks, dirty walls etc. I think I cleaned with it for a couple of hours.
My kids like using them so much that they ask me to buy them at the grocery store so they can clean walls and baseboards with them. If you haven't tried them you have know idea how fun it is. You actually go around hoping to find more grime.
My sister said that she discovered them when she was getting ready to move. She assumed she would have to repaint most of the walls in her home. She said after washing the walls with the eraser almost all of the rooms looked as good as new. It even erases crayon.
I told my friend about them and she bought the heavy duty ones and cleaned all the grout in her kitchen. I won't tell you how many hours she spent but she said it turned out beautiful.
Have I convinced you?? Thanks Amy!! I love it when I get turned on to new ideas that are inexpensive and practical, don't you? If you haven't tried one, it is DEFINITELY worth $2.99. They are in grocery stores, home depot, drugstores etc.


*Scott, Sarah, Kallee, Rylee, Baylee and Laynee* said...

My favorite product! I use it all the time~

Amy S said...

Thanks for mentioning me! Now I feel so famous.
--Your sister Amy