Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pink Berry

While I was in California I got to try Pink Berry. It is a very natural tasting frozen yogurt. We went there with friends and absolutely couldn't get over the stuff. We each ordered a medium and then had to go back and get a large. We could have eaten it all night. Needless to say we went back the next day and the next day. We spent more at Pink Berry than we would have spent on Disneyland tickets.
We think it tastes like either frozen Dannonactive or Kiefer. It is something you have to try to believe. It is 70 calories per half cup.
Since we have been home in Arizona we are bummed that they don't have one here. They only have them in California and New York.

This is one of the large yogurts with mango and shaved ice on the bottom. They are huge but don't fill you up at all.
Who knows what's in these that makes them so addicting?!

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