Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie

I make this when I have leftover chicken and potatoes. These are the ingredients pie crust(pillsbury is better than the store brand.), cream of celery soup, cream of chicken soup and evaporated milk. (If you use beef instead of chicken, use cream of mushroom soup.)

Add cut up chicken, mixed vegetables and potatoes.

Mix 1 can cream soup with 1/2 can evaporated milk. I was making 2 pies so I did 2 soups and 1 milk. Stir together. (You can stir the potatoes, chicken and veggies so you know how juicy it will be.)

Pour on soup mixture and sprinkle with lots of Laury's seasoning salt.

Cover with the other crust. Smooth milk on top of crust and salt it generously. Cut a hole in the middle of crust.

Cook at 350 for an hour and 10 minutes. If the top is getting too brown I move it to the bottom shelf or cover the top with foil. You don't want to undercook it or you will have a raw crust.

You can basically put any meat and vegetables inside this pie. It is a hit no matter what combination I do. I got this recipe from my sister in law. It is yummy!


The Wallin's said...

I'm going to make this. Do you use raw or cooked potatos?

My Time to Blossom said...

I cook my potatoes at least halfway otherwise the potatoes are hard or the crust has to get overly done.